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Electricité et Froid Industriel

Electricity and industrial refrigeration

Electric energy is one of the most important resources used in industry. It conditions the proper functioning of all the other equipment involved in the production chain and therefore the performance thereof. Hence the need for sufficient quality energy. In Cameroon, the production of this energy is ensured by the company in charge of this service which is ENEO, but remains for each individual, as a company, to ensure the safety of their production equipment. Moreover, for reasons of continuity of service, the companies that you are, resort to other energy sources such as: generator, inverter to name a few.

At CIM Industries, we carry out electrotechnical studies and we optimize your electrical energy consumption. On the other hand, we design and build Industrial Cold Production installations and access control to your premises.

Design and wiring of electrical boxes and cabinets

Sizing and laying of cable tray

Design and installation of riser

Study and installation of lightning rod

Construction of earth, neutral and computer earth

Lighting design and implementation of industrial projectors and fittings

Installation and commissioning of generator set and inverter cabinet.

Video surveillance systems

Fire detection and safety control centers (CHUBB, ALBANO, etc.)

Access control systems (BODET ...)

Motorization of gates

Air compressors and pumps

UPS systems with battery bank

Enceintes lumineuses et feux tricolores

Compliance of residential, industrial and commercial electrical installations

Design and construction of reliable solar installations

Construction and equipment of 15/30 KV cabin transformer station

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